Customer Service

Purchase & Shipping Policy

If you are unsure or unaware of your countries regulations, import policies, or legal restraints please check with your local laws and legislations before ordering, ESPECIALLY FOR KNIVES! Primitive Living ( will not be held responsible or liable for any problems that result at customs or your local post office. There will be no refunds on items that are seized at customs or your local post office. Primitive Living will not be held liable for any customs duties, taxes or unforeseen problems that stem from Customs or the postal service. Primitive Living will also not be held accountable for any additional fee(s) that your local carrier or customs may charge. Primitive Living is not responsible for delays caused by weather, natural disasters or other unforeseen circumstances. International and Custom orders contact for more info.

Refund Policy for Courses

Cancellation of any course with Primitive Living must be completed prior to (2) weeks – (14) days of the scheduled course date. Any cancellation after that is non-refundable.

Refund/Return Policy on Products

All products purchased through Primitive Living have a 30 day return policy if they are unopened/remain in original packaging & are undamaged/unused with approval by Primitive Living.

Returns approved within 30 days must be shipped with a Return Authorization (RA#) assigned by Primitive Living, clearly indicated on the carton. Shipments received without assigned RA# will not be accepted.

Shipping and any other costs associated with return of the product to Primitive Living must be prepaid by customer. International orders (outside Canada and U.S) contact for more info

Cancelled Orders

Orders that have already been placed cannot be modified. If your item has not been processed, contact Primitive Living through our customer service email.

Damaged/Defected Products

With exception of Custom and International orders, products purchased through Primitive Living are covered by a 30 day return policy, if items are damaged upon arrival or opening, customers have 48-hours from the receipt of purchase to notify Primitive Living of the issue. Picture/video evidence is helpful.

Product Disclaimer for Natural Inherent Qualities

At Primitive Living, wood and natural materials play a key role in the woodsman’s life, not only with regards to fire and shelter. But for the tools of the woodsman, the handles of our knives and axes. That said, wood is a natural product. Each piece is unique as nature provides small nuances from natures elements. As wood continues to breathe, absorbing and expelling moisture, this can potentially lead to cracks and splits even if the wood is aged and stabilized. These natural effects are not considered by Primitive Living a defect but the reality of your product that will continue to evolve depending on the wood, exposure and use. Applying a light amount of oil with a lint free rag and a beeswax finish will go a long way for preserving your knife scales.

Please avoid storing your wood products in damp, extremely dry and high humidity conditions. If your product becomes damp or wet, dry it slowly and do not expose to direct high heat. CONTACT PRIMITIVE LIVING if you have questions by the Website contact page.


What is Primitive Living?

Primitive Living is a private, educational establishment dedicated to the passing of knowledge with regards to primitive skills, bushcraft, woodcraft, survival and wilderness living

What kind of Courses does Primitive Living offer?

Please check out our Course Page for details on all available Courses and Registration

What kind of people participate in Primitive Living Courses?

All kinds! People from all walks of life attend Courses with Primitive Living. Whether you’re an experienced woodsman/woman looking to hone already acquired skills, or new to the bush and looking to establish a base of skills that you can grow and nourish. Most people are open minded individuals looking to gain a new perspective from nature and increase their knowledge within the natural world

What course should I start with?

Primitive Living Courses are designed for students to begin their journey with the Basic Wilderness Skills Course or the Custom Course and progress into the Intermediate Wilderness Skills & Primitive Wilderness Living Skills Course

How do I sign up for a Custom Course?

The simplest way is to get in contact with us through our Custom Course Registration or Contact Page. Keep in mind the skills you wish to learn, your available dates, budget and the number of people in your group. The rest can be taken care of from our end.

Are some courses more intense and rigorous than others?

While all courses with Primitive Living are intense, the Intermediate & Primitive Wilderness Living Courses will encourage students to live outside of their comfort zone and push to new heights in the wilderness. It is important that students are in good physical and mental shape

What is the maximum number of students on a trip?

Accommodating a large number of students can prove to be easier said than done, especially while maintaining good Instructor to Student ratios. A 12 person max is set on most Courses, as students should feel the ease of ability to have one-on-one instructing at any point of their Course. Although with enough time and preparation, larger numbers of students can be accommodated.

What happens if I cannot complete the course?

While this is a rare occurrence, as students are heavily prepared for what is in store prior to departure and don’t want to see their investment go to waste. Stranger things have happened. If this is the case, an Instructor or Field Operator will arrange for you to be escorted out of the field and get you back to civilization at first light. There will be no refund or transfer of credit for your lost course

Do I need all of the gear on the gear list?

The short answer is yes. Students are provided with a gear list that covers all of the essential gear you will need on a Course. Keep in mind, certain tools perform certain jobs

Can I bring more gear than what is on the list? Tents, stoves etc.?

No, the gear listed is a maximum limit list, it covers all of the essential gear that you will need to complete the Course. These courses run on the emphasis of less is more and learning to create what you need in nature

Where can I purchase all of this gear?

For more info on purchasing or acquiring kit for a Course, please get in touch with us through the Contact page

What kind of knife should I bring?

A knife might be your most used tool, it is highly recommended that your knife have these features for maximum performance: Full Tang – Fixed Blade, High Carbon Steel, 90 Degree Spine (for striking a ferrocerium rod and processing tinder), a sharp Scandinavian Grind and a durable sheath (Leather or Kydex)

Can I bring a camera or cell phone?

You can absolutely bring your camera or video camera as photos and videos are encouraged on Courses. With regards to cell phones, while they are allowed on Courses as most people use them for their recording needs, they must not be used for any other purpose than to document. If cellphone use becomes a problem they will be removed from the Course until its completion. Cellphones are also not permitted on Solo’s or if otherwise stated by an Instructor

How far in advance should I register for a Course?

Courses can be registered as far in advance as you desire and you can register for a Course as late as the final week before departure. Just keep in mind that all Courses run on a strict 14 day non-refundable, non-transferable cancellation period.

Where are Primitive Living Courses run?

The location of Courses depends on the number of students, but all Courses run out of Northern Ontario, Canada. The accurate location and address is sent upon registration of a Course, as well as possible accommodation for those traveling out of Province or Country

What are your refund return policies on Courses and Products?

All Courses are non-refundable and non-transferable within 14 days of the course. Participants who cannot complete a Course for whatever reason, will not be granted any form of reimbursement or refund, and are unable to transfer their credit towards another Course. If cancelled prior to the 14 day deadline, participants are entitled to a Course Credit or Gift Card for future Courses. All products purchased through Primitive Living have a 30 day return policy if they are unopened/remain in original packaging & are undamaged/unused with approval by Primitive Living

What is your Transfer Policy for Courses?

Participants are able to transfer their Course Credit within 7 days of sign up with a processing fee of $20

What is appropriate/common behaviour on a Wilderness Skills Course?

All Students are expected and required to operate at high standards with regards to respect of others (students & instructors). Trust, morality, safety & integrity are crucial while in a wilderness environment. There will be no lenience or tolerance for those who disrespect rules, other students or put lives in jeopardy

What do we eat on these Courses? Do you provide food?

Students are able to bring their own food. Snacks are provided for the Basic Wilderness Skills, Intermediate and depending on the curriculum our Custom Course. Full meals are provided on the Primitive Living Wilderness Skills Course. Courses run on the emphasis that students will learn to harvest and forage wild edibles and learn to create primitive traps and hunting applications for the procurement of wild foods

Is their age limits for Courses?

Most Courses with Primitive Living are designed for those ages 14 years of age and older. Those under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult.

Are Primitive Living Courses Coed?

Yes, all Courses run through Primitive Living are Coed. If you wish to have a same-sex class, please get in touch through our Custom Course or Contact Pages

What if the weather isn’t optimal?

We make due! Nature isn’t always the easiest thing to plan around and weather can definitely create some small hiccups in a teaching and learning environment but we have found that instances like a rain storm or blizzard provide great teaching moments and only strengthens the student(s)