Basic Wilderness Skills


Start your journey with Primitive Living today – The Basic Wilderness Skills course was designed for the beginner looking to gain a new perspective and skill-base in the wilderness or for the more seasoned outdoor enthusiast, looking to hone existing skills and acquire new ones.

With a strong hands-on approach, students will safely learn about the art of Firecraft and how to create and sustain fire in any conditions. Students will also learn a variety of other wilderness skills, including shelter construction that is sustainable and suitable to the terrain, season and weather conditions.

Once fire and shelter have been addressed, students will construct and craft the necessary tools and resources from the landscape in regards to carving, cooking, wild edibles and natural cordage. There will be a main focus on the procurement of natural water, with intent to treat and purify the water so that it is safe to consume.

Gear selection and appropriate packing, based on trip needs will also be demonstrated.

Whether you’re interested in learning the basics for the first time, or brushing up on your already acquired wilderness-skills, this class is the starting point to Making Tribe with Primitive Living.

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Course Overview

Cost – $300.00 Per-Student (group rates will apply for 6+ people)
Location – Available Upon Registration
Duration – 2 Days/1 Night
Dates – TBD (Book Now)

Firecraft – Ferrocerium Rod: Use/Tips & Tricks, Tinder, Kindling and Fuel Identification, Ignition and Next Fire Preparation.

Shelter Building – Shelters constructed will be determined based on terrain, season and weather conditions. Learn how to use tarps and natural materials to properly shelter in the wilderness.
Bushcraft Basics – Carving, Camp Cooking, Knife & Axe Safety, Wild Edibles and Natural Cordage.

Gear Selection – Choose the correct items to pack for your back country adventure

– What gear will take precedence, as you learn to build what you need from the land
– Learn how to properly pack your gear with accessibility and the hierarchy of needs in mind.

Water Procurement & Processing – Find and identify clean water sources, learn how to purify and treat contaminated water

Gear List
1) Fixed Blade Knife w/ 90 Degree Spine
2) Stainless Steel Water Bottle or Canteen
3) 100ft of Paracord or Bankline (Cordage)
4) Folding Saw/Bucksaw
5) Forest Axe
6) Tarp (Minimum 10x10ft)
7) Ferrocerium Rod
8) Bic Lighter
9) Sleeping System – Sleeping Bag/Wool Blanket (Appropriate for Season)
10) Tent, Tarp or Hammock Shelter
11) Work Gloves (Leather Recommended)
12) 2 Quart Cooking Pot
13) Head Lamp with Flashlight (Bring extra batteries)
14) Bug Repellant (Seasonal)
15) Bandana
16) Note Pad + Pen/Pencil
17) Appropriate Clothing & Footwear (Boots + Camp Shoes)
18) Required Medication
19) Desired Food or Drink (Some snacks will be supplied but students are required to bring their own food)
20) Backpack for Gear

Added Information
The Basic Wilderness Skills course was created for individuals 14 years of age and older

– While this is the Basic course, it is still intense! Students should be in optimal health and physically fit, as hiking and rigorous activity is a guarantee
– People under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult
– Location, lodging and further information will be e-mailed upon registration
– This course has a 14-day non-refundable, non-transferable cancellation policy. We MUST be informed of cancellation 2 weeks prior to the start of the course in order to obtain any refund

– None


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