Intermediate Wilderness Skills


This course was developed to strengthen the skills that have been explored in Basic Wilderness Skills and expand on them in preparation for the Primitive Wilderness Living Skills course.
Students will begin to strip away modern comforts and gear and replace them with natural materials and methods in a remote environment. In return, gaining a deeper connection to the land and becoming more self-reliant in nature.

What will be covered? – The creation of your number one asset, Fire – Flint & Steel is the theme of flame in this course.

Students will be shown the method of Percussion Fire, with the use of char cloth, otherwise known as a Frontier Fire Lay – With the ability to now cook, retain heat, signal rescue and ward off predators, we will turn our attention to the main focus and focal point on this course, Shelter construction. Students will construct semi-permanent shelters with the intent to live in them for the duration of the course. Specific shelter construction will vary, in regards to terrain, season and weather, as students construct what is most appropriate and sustainable for their surrounding environment.

Learning how to read the natural landscape and obtain useful materials will also play a key role, as students grasp how to not only acquire water and sustenance, but treat and purify it with intent to consume. The principle philosophy of wilderness living will also be analyzed and discussed throughout the course, with fireside talks concluding each night. This is the second step to Making Tribe with Primitive Living and is also a league above the intensity from the Basic Wilderness Skills course, students must have completed the previous course in order to enroll in this course.

As skills covered are depended on past knowledge and teachings – Students should be in peak physical and mental shape in order to attend this course, as long hikes, rigorous activity and deprivation of resources are a guarantee.

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Course Overview
Cost – $450 Per-Student (group discount will apply 6+ people)
Location – Available Upon Registration
Duration – 3 Days/ 2 Nights
Dates – TBD (Book Now)

Firecraft – Frontier Fire Methods (Including the process of making Char Cloth)
– Tinder identification and application for a Birds Nest/Tinder Bundle and the use of fire as a cutting tool and resource

Shelter Building – Shelters constructed will be determined based on terrain, season and weather conditions
– Shelter construction is the primary focus of this course, shelters will be made from foraged natural materials and man-made to give full optimization of resources

Bushcraft – Carving, Camp Cooking, Knife & Axe Safety, Wild Edibles and Natural Cordage
Water Procurement & Processing – Students will find and identify clean water sources, learn how to purify and treat contaminated water
– This course will show how to find and procure clean water without the use of cooking vessels or boiling
Kit Mentality – Choose the correct items in regards to limited tool selection
– What gear will take precedence, as you learn to build what you need from the land – Learn how to properly pack your gear with accessibility and the hierarchy of needs in mind.

Fire Side Discussion – As a group the principle philosophy of wilderness living will be discussed, concluding each night by the fire
– Open conversation and ideas welcomed (within reason)

Gear List
1) Fixed Blade Knife w/ 90 Degree Spine
2) Stainless Steel Water Bottle or Canteen
3) 100ft of Paracord or Bankline (Cordage)
4) Folding Saw/Bucksaw
5) Tarp (Minimum 10x10ft)
6) Ferrocerium Rod
7) Sleeping System – Sleeping Bag/Wool Blanket (Appropriate for Season)
8) Work Gloves (Leather Recommended)
9) 2 Quart Cooking Pot
10) Head Lamp with Flashlight (Bring extra batteries)
11) Bandana
12) Note Pad + Pen/Pencil
13) Appropriate Clothing & Footwear (Boots + Camp Shoes)
14) Required Medication
15) Desired Food or Drink (Some snacks will be supplied but students are required to bring their own food)
16) Backpack for Gear

Added Information
The Intermediate Wilderness Skills course was created for individuals 16 years of age and older
– The Intermediate Wilderness Living course is an intense learning experience. Students should be in optimal health (Mentally & Physically), as hiking and rigorous activity is a guarantee
– People under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult
– Location, lodging and further information will be e-mailed upon registration
– This course has a 14-day non-refundable, non-transferable cancellation policy. We MUST be informed of cancellation 2 weeks prior to the start of the course in order to obtain any refund

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