Primitive Wilderness Living Skills


The Primitive Wilderness Living Skills course is the most intense and advanced course in the Primitive Living curriculum. Students are expected to have completed the Basic Wilderness Skills and Intermediate Wilderness Skills courses to enroll, as skills covered are depended on past knowledge and teachings.

This class will go in-depth on past skills before moving onto current topics and concepts. Students are expected to complete a wide range of previously explored skills, under time constraints, in order to progress to the next stages of the course.

What will be covered? – Students will be shown hands-on the process of Friction Fire through the use of the Bow-Drill Method. Creating an ember and blowing it to flame. This method of fire-lighting will be your only source of ignition for the duration of the course. Proper technique, materials and mindset will be demonstrated until success. Progressing into shelter construction, this will be completed as a group(s) with a long-term Wilderness Living/Survival Situation in mind. Students will live out of their shelter(s) for the duration of the course. This shelter-build will house the entire group and incorporate an open fire inside, while shedding any outside elements. The type of shelter will vary depending on terrain, season and weather conditions – With completing the creation of fire and shelter, your next step is crucial, Dehydration places a downward spiral on our critical thinking skills.

Students will construct a base-camp water filter and primitive vessels with the intent to purify and consume natural water. With shelter, warmth and water squared away you can start to think about getting something to eat.

Wild edibles will be harvested with a large focus on bark foods, wild teas as immune boosters and adding overall sustenance to your meals (Fibre, starches, vitamins, minerals and sugars).

Camp Cooking will cover a variety of different ways to use stone applications and planks with foraged natural materials. Transitioning from skills to mindset, the principle philosophy of wilderness living will be analyzed and discussed throughout the course with long-term sustainability in mind. Bushcraft basics will also be covered in regards to: carving, cooking, wild edibles, natural cordage, edged tool safety and maintenance.

Primitive hunting tools will also be crafted for demonstration. This is the final step to Becoming Tribe with Primitive Living.

Upon completion students will not only feel completely confident in the new skills they have obtained and honed, but should possess a new outlook towards nature and how they view the modern world.


Course Overview
Cost – $650 Per-Student (group discount will apply 6+ people)
Location – Available Upon Registration
Duration – 4 Days/ 3 Nights
Dates – TBD (Book Now)

Firecraft – Students will explore the primitive method of Friction Fire through the use of the Bowdrill. Students will create bird nests/tinder bundles from natural materials and blow embers to flame. Friction Fire will be the only means of ignition on this course – Overview of different wood, and the creation of a set in regards to your spindle, hearth-board, bow, bearing block and birds nest.

Advanced Shelter Building – Shelters constructed will be determined based on terrain, season and weather conditions. Students will create a permanent shelter in a group setting. Students will live out of the shelter for the duration of the course.

Camp Cooking – Students will be shown how to implement stone & wood planks to cook meals in the field, without the use of modern conveniences. Proper tree identification will also be used, in order to identify correct fuel sources for the fire.

Wild Edibles – SEASONAL – Students will be shown proper identification of wild edibles safe to consume, along with bark foods.

Bushcraft – Carving, Knife & Axe Safety, Natural Cordage, Hunting Implements & Tools.

Water Procurement & Processing – Find and identify clean water sources, learn how to purify and treat contaminated water. Students will create a base camp water filter for large amounts of filtration along with primitive vessels to hold the resource

Kit Mentality – Choose the correct items in regards to limited tool selection. What kit will take precedence, as you learn to build what you need from the land. Learn how to properly pack your gear with accessibility and the hierarchy of needs in mind.

Fire Side Discussion – As a group the principle philosophy of wilderness living will be discussed, concluding each night by the fire. Open conversation and ideas welcomed (within reason).

Gear List
1) Large Fixed Blade Knife w/ 90 Degree Spine (One Tool Option)
2) Stainless Steel Water Bottle or Canteen
3) 100ft of Paracord or Bankline (Cordage)
4) Folding Saw
5) Tarp (Minimum 10x10ft)
6) Sleeping System – Sleeping Bag/Wool Blanket (Appropriate for Season)
7) Work Gloves (Leather Recommended)
8) Head Lamp with Flashlight (Bring extra batteries)
9) Bandana
10) Note Pad + Pen/Pencil
11) Appropriate Clothing & Footwear (Boots + Camp Shoes)
12) Required Medication
13) Desired Food or Drink (Food will be supplied on this course)
14) Backpack for Gear

Additional Information
The Primitive Wilderness Living Skills course was created for people 18 years of age and older
– The Primitive Wilderness Living Skills course is the most intense learning experience in the Primitive Living curriculum, The Basic and Intermediate must be completed first
– Students should be in optimal health (Mentally & Physically), as hiking and rigorous activity is a guarantee
– Location, lodging and further information will be e-mailed upon registration
– This course has a 14-day non-refundable, non-transferable cancellation policy. We MUST be informed of cancellation 2 weeks prior to the start of the course in order to obtain any refund

Basic Wilderness Skills & Intermediate Skills or a Custom Course


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